Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

1. I want to do renovations at home, but I don’t know where to start?

I want to do renovations at home, but I don’t know where to start?
Before the project start’s, you probably have several questions of the type: is what I have in mind achievable? What is the procedure to follow ? How much will it cost? Who should I do business with?

We are fully aware of these questions and that is why our approach is to answer these basic questions once you communicate with us the first time. You will have the opportunity to see if our professionalism and expertise satisfies you. Then, we’ll organize a meeting according to your availability, and we’ll answer all your questions in depth.

Be assured that we’ll accompany you in every step of the process. We are available to answer your questions, even before you’ve decided whether you want to do business with us.

2. How much does the renovation of an entire room cost? (Bathroom, kitchen, etc.)

This is an excellent question. Unfortunately we can’t give a final price without seeing the room and the work to be done. Knowing the square footage is not enough

We’ll be pleased to meet with you to discuss your project and provide you with a free quote.

3. How long will the work last?

Just like the cost of the work, we can not provide you with an answer without having seen the work to be done. Following a visit to your home, we will be able to tell you exactly how long it will take to complete your renovations.

Know that we are aware that exceeding deadlines is one of the biggest sources of frustrations and we are taking the necessary steps to avoid this. (Ordering the materials as soon as the contract is signed, realistic forecasting of labor needs, etc.)

4. I work, therefore I can not be at home for the duration of the work. Is it a problem ?

Not at all! We fully understand that life goes on and that isn’t a problem. In fact, the majority of our customers leave us a house key and therefore have no constraint on being present during the work

5. Should I move during the construction period?

There is absolutely no need to relocate during this time.

6. Can you help me with the design part of my project?

Of course! In case of need, we can offer the service of a designer, an engineer in building structure and even an architect. We have all the necessary tools to make your project concrete.

7. Do you use subcontractors?

As a general contractor, we provide a turnkey service, which means that we have to call on some subcontractors occasionally. Don’t worry, we always use the same sub-contracting companies that have been previously sorted out. Our subcontractors have proved their worth and we maintain the same trust we have with our employees.

8. Do you keep the house clean during construction?

Our clients are pleasantly impressed by the importance we place on protecting your property and the cleanliness of the premises during and after the project.
A cleaning of the work areas is done daily so that they are kept in order and a larger household is made at the end of the works.

9. Do you have insurance?

We have liability insurance that covers property damage and injuries for our employees. All of our employees are also covered by the Workplace Health and Safety Commission. We regularly offer training to our employees on workplace safety and we establish a number of procedures to follow to ensure that behaviors during renovations are as safe as possible.

10. Do I need to get a permit for my renovations?

It is not uncommon for some of our clients to go and get a permit for the project. It all depends on the type of work to be done and the bylaws. You must therefore inform your local council.

11. Do you provide some warranty?

All our work is guaranteed for a 3 months period. As for the hardware, it depends on the manufacturer’s warranty. Other warranties are also available, please contact us to learn more.

12. I had a lot of problems with a general contractor during renovations in the past. Why would I trust Rénovation Bouda?

This is a great concern shared by many homeowners. Everybody knows someone whose renovation project ended up being a story.
A renovation project has several elements that can go wrong and that is why we have set up procedures to mitigate this.

Our first goal is to build a solid relationship with our customers, and makes ourselves available at all time to discuss the project and answer their questions. So if there is something on your mind, pleases share any concern you might have. We will take immediate actions to remedy the situation.

We also only hire experienced employees whose professional attitude is in line with our philosophy of quality.
In order to have continuous improvement, we created a satisfaction call center. When the work is done, a member of our team will communicate with you to make sure you are please with the work, and ask where we could have done better.

We can provide you recommendation letters from former clients who have agreed to share their experience with Rénovation Bouda in writing. You also have the option of visiting sites like Facebook or Google where former customers gave us ratings and commented on their experience.

13. Do you have a R.B.Q. licence?

Yes : 5700-3139-01

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    A team of incomparable specialists
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